Duncan Hannah: 20th Century Boy – Notebook of the Seventies

24 maart 2018

Duncan Hannah has published his memoir called: 20th Century Boy – Notebook of the Seventies

Some press about it can be found here:

– https://www.cbsnews.com/video/artist-duncan-hannah-recalls-new-york-in-the-70s-in-new-book/

– https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2018/03/13/duncan-hannahs-new-york/

– https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/7x7gdx/wild-stories-of-partying-with-warhol-and-bowie-in-the-70s




A celebrated New York City painter’s rollicking and vividly immediate account of his life amid the city’s glamorous demimondes in their most vital era as an aspiring artist, roaring boy, dandy, cultural omnivore, and far-from-obscure object of desire.

Duncan Hannah arrived in New York City from Minneapolis in the early 1970s as an art student hungry for experience, game for almost anything, and with a prodigious taste for drugs, girls, alcohol, movies, rock and roll, books, parties, and everything else the city had to offer. He also happened to be outrageously, androgynously beautiful, attracting the attention of the city’s most prominent gay scenemeisters, who found his adamant heterosexuality a source of immense frustration. Taken directly from the notebooks Hannah kept throughout the seventies, Twentieth-Century Boy is a louche, sometimes lurid, and incredibly entertaining report from a now almost mythical time and place, full of outrageously bad behavior, naked ambition,
gender-bending celebrities, fantastically good music and evaporating barriers of taste and decorum. At its center: a young man in the mix and on the make, determined to forge an identity for himself as an artist while being at risk from his own heedless appetites. A time capsule from a scary, seedy, but irresistible time and place.